The Art of Balance - Joy in Motion.

From the moment we are born we love movement - be it clouds drifting across the sky or leaves gently swaying with the summer breeze.

Kinetic Mobiles bring that movement into your home, creating a piece of art that with the hint of a breeze changes form.
Welcome to my shop, I am Anne Collette owner and creator of Floating Art Mobiles. I have been creating mobiles since 1998.
Although most kinetic mobiles are made from metals and plastic, I prefer the versatility that polymer clay allows me, the possibilities are endless: colours, translucent's, shimmers, inks the list goes on. Once baked polymer clay is hardy and long lasting. Each piece is sanded with several different grits, waxed and buffed.
Kinetic mobiles are art in motion and a definite must for any home.

Creating mobiles that balance perfectly, is an art in patience and focus, completely rewarding when the end result is achieved.

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